Strawberry Croissants



Every perfect night out needs a moment on a rooftop that takes your breath away. Every perfect date on every romcom ends up smelling the first baked pastries from a just opened now bakery.

In every elsewhere experience you will be able to finish the night, on a rooftop experience with a breath -taking view smelling fresh baked pastries and drinking coffee - this is an elsewhere promise.




There is nothing more joyful, fun and uplifting than a good old fashioned win a prize, happy food carnival. There is nothing more elsewhere than the spirit of the makers movement and their love for creativity for creativity's sake.

elsewhere carnival of curiosities is a fusion of these two worlds to create the first ever maker carnival, with lasers, mirrors, find waldo and rob Goldberg machines instead of bean bags and rings on milk bottles and with a theater of popcorn and a fountain machine of soda you will have fun, you will smile and you will feel like a little kid in a toy store - guaranteed.



Imagination is a core value of elsewhere, it is the starting point in all of elsewhere creations and innovations, the elsewhere concept of a true fusion between a museum experience and an evening entertainment left to many ideas without a home, to many vivid, colorful, exciting experiences left orphaned. to walk into the world of dr seuss, or under a great kraken or through a real giant’s child playroom. The elsewhere imaginarium is the home for all these dreams who will not be denied a place in reality.



The infinity room concept is a total must in the elsewhere play book. A room full of mirrors reflecting itself to infinity is a perfect scenario for a new thinking, a new perspective and a reflecting conversation with the people you love. The elsewhere infinity room is a fully stocked bar with cocktails, mirror art, mirror suit dressed barmen and lots of places to sit and connect.


We achieve this through secret doors, escape room riddles, led tunnels, mazes, actors and surprise passageways. Every elsewhere venue has a 15 minute immersive, multi-disciplinary art adventure as a doorway, just to get you in the mood.

The entrance to elsewhere is a journey from one dimension to another, it is designed to allow you to let go of the normal world and open up to a state of consciousness where, like in the matrix, the laws of physics can be bent if not broken.



Real time responsive digital art is the sexiest art form at this moment in time. Every digital art museum today is based on visuals that respond to guests in real time through cameras and sensors. The RDF is the first dance floor that has responsiveness embedded in its DNA reacting to the dancers, the DJs and the spectators. long live touch designer.



Elsewhere does not make money from the food stalls, they are part of the content an immersive experience like everything else. elsewhere brings the best gourmet street food of the region with a tailored menu that is included in the ticket and defined at the time of purchase. but that is just the beginning, the elsewhere food court is a room-sized interactive statue garden sound and light show controlled and manipulated in real time by the audience.

by pre-recording dozens of sound tracks and light animations we create an environment that is played by you in a unique every moment experience. it really is a custom tailored for every person/moment dinner and a show.


​Elsewhere is a vision of inspiration, imagination and wonder as the main component of a night out on the town, a new form of entertainment that is a fusion between an immersive art museum and a music festival.

Our goal is to literally take you out of your world, engage all of your senses in a wonderland setting and send you back with hope for bringing a little bit of magic to your everyday perspective.